Wednesday, January 7, 2009


04 Jan
Well, today I didn’t went in for sermon cuz I’m very tired. By the time I went in, pastor said something that catches my attention. He said “God is asking us to go into his presents. Becuz He has all the good thing for us.” Why should I go to work for other while my own father can take care of me? Why should I seek for things that can satisfy me while I can rest in God’s presents? Yes.. A lot of questions have been asked but what are the answers? I did ask my boss that day what he thinks about life. He’s a free thinker. He say for him the most important things in life is happiness. Well, what he said is like what I’m doing now which is trying to live my life to the fullest. I put effort in my work I enjoy entertainment with friends. But I believe that’s not enough. There’s another purpose God has in my life.
08 Jan
While I’m writing this, I’m holding my tears. Just now my colleague told me that my bosses appreciate me and their business is expanding after I went to work there. Now I finally understand what my mom told me before that God’s people will bring blessings to people surrounding. I’ve been waken by these words. These days, I’m a bit lost in my direction in life. But I choose to believe God has His purpose for me. I’m sorry because I’m blinded by my own thinking and not letting God to guide me. You're so good to me and I didn't notice it. Before this I don’t really know what is a father’s love. But today I know, I can feel His love for me. Thank you Lord for your fatherly love. I’m not perfect, thank you for accepting me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year 2009...


I just wanna thank God for my family members, church, friends, share group members & colleagues. Thank God for giving me all that I had. Thank God that I can balanced my work and serving. Thank God that He had been watching over me the whole year and be with me when I needed Him. Thank God for helping me to solve the problems that I faced in work and daily life. Basically I wanna thank God for everything.


1st day of 2009. I went to Zoo Negara today with few friends. Yea… A place that I never thought of going to. Well, we had our breakfast at McD. Everyone is super blur bcuz we slept 3-4 hours the nite before. We arrived at the destination around 12pm. I got myself 300++ animal's photos today. After that, we had our dinner at Woo Ga Chon (Korean restaurant) around 8pm.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Blogging?

Yea.. Why should I blog? Actually I donno.. Some people blog just to update people what they’re doing recently, some wanted to encourage people, some just wanted to release their tension or anger. But what’s my purpose of blogging? I know I was asked to by few close friends. Maybe that’s it.

Prayer is a powerful weapon. God did answered my prayer. My relationship with colleagues are getting better especially with my bosses. This is the most important thing for today.
Well, today I left office around 10 something. I was in office thinking ideas for the new project I was handling. It’s something like a shopping complex directory but the difference is it includes few buildings in Sunway area. And it’s a touchscreen thingy.

I think that’s it. Can’t tell too much cuz it’s my company’s project. Gotta sleep bcuz tomorrow will be a busy day.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Only He Know My Struggles....

Am I crazy? I’ve been asked this question today and I did asked myself the same question. This is because I offer myself to help my colleague from another company to work on holiday. It’s because these few days when I’m alone at home I have much more time to think about life, about my calling and all that. So I just wanted to make myself busy and forget all about it. It works and I feel much happier when I’m busy because I’m not wasting time. But in the other hand, I’m also a bit sad because I know I should be using my time for His work and not the world.

Today, my boss asks me to sms my colleague’s sister and told her that his brother (which is my colleague) is going to see a movie with me. This is because my colleague’s parents want him to be at home around 5pm something (which is a lie) because my colleague needs to help my boss in the machines. I thank God that I can stand firm and do what is right. Sometimes I do feel pressure because I’m the only Christian in my office. I told God that I want to be a different person in the office so that I have the chance to share the gospel to them when it’s the right time.

Lord I pray that I’ll be refreshed and strengthen by You everyday of my life. I believe I was place in my company for a purpose. Help me to be a blessing to my company. Amen.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've finally created a blog for public viewing. My blog are all in private status. Maybe I dont want ppl to know what am I thinking so this blog was created because i was ask to. Haha.. In this blog I'll be updating what am I doing all these days in KL. Especially my work and will post up things that amazes me.